We offer a quality childcare facility that is clean, safe, and trustworthy, as well as having the reputation as one of the best childcare services in the local community.

We have been an active part of the Chermside child care community for many years. As a family-run and owned business, our passion for what we do is evident in our approach to each child who joins our family.

As our centre accommodates a maximum of 28 children at any given time, we can offer highly-individualised attention to each child, ensuring that they all receive the best level of care possible.

At Carinya Early Learning, we aim to provide a place your children will love to spend time, learning, playing and integrating with other children. We treat each and every single child as an individual with their own specific personality, requirements and cultural background.

Our approach is highly inclusive, we do not simply treat every child exactly the same in a one-size fits all approach. Instead we ensure each child receives the best possible care as a result that is suitable for them.


Our friendly team will ensure your child feels comfortable and welcome while in our care.

Play Areas

We offer a variety of play areas for our children both inside and outdoors.


Our staff are qualified childcare professionals, selected to provide the best quality childcare.


Education can be fun! We help get your children school ready by starting with the basics.


We have a long history in the childcare industry, so your kids are in safe hands with our team.


Children participate in programs that are challenging, fun and responsive to their various needs.

About our staff

At Carinya Early Learning, our educators are held to the highest standard. We are meticulous in our recruitment process and pride ourselves on offering qualified staff who are more than capable of providing excellent childcare to our children.

Our staff are able to identify the specific needs of each child, as well as areas in which they excel. They are qualified and empowered to make decisions to benefit each child’s learning, and ensure the children have a daily routine that is suitable to them.

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0-2 yrs Assistant


2-3 yrs Assistant
Room Leader (0-2 & 2-3 yrs)

Inclusion Support Educator


Inclusion Support Educator

What The Parents Say

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy when it comes to Childcare is simple.

  1. To reflect an inclusive, holistic and positive approach to gender, race, culture, class and individual identities, showing an understanding and respect for diversity.
  2. Play is the learning process that enables children to learn through concrete ‘hands on’ experiences, such as doing, experimenting, predicting, achieving and making mistakes. As the children play to learn, they bring their own unique talents to the education process.
  3. To have flexible routines so that the children have time to learn, have choices and are co-constructers of their learning. Emphasis is placed on a strong self image where children can feel confident, where children become active learners, while developing independence and self esteem.
  4. To develop with the children age appropriate behavioural guidelines, valuing the importance of positive reinforcement, thereby allowing the children to develop the ability to self regulate their behaviour in a positive manner. To use only positive management strategies when dealing with children’s behaviour, to provide positive guidance and boundaries so children can understand behavioural limits.
  5. To establish reflective practises for evaluation and effective planning, identifying strengths and interests and pedagogical practice-using holistic approaches and intentional teaching.
  6. To design and develop an enriching environment that stimulates the imagination promotes creativity and enhances aesthetic development and appreciation of nature, focusing on sustainability and an awareness of the world around us.
  7. To implement all aspects and theories of the Early Years Learning Framework, and the concepts of Being, Belonging and Becoming- using this to build on children’s interests, knowledge, experience and background as individuals and within the group.