Carinya Early Learning would love you to join our family and enrol your little one in our infant day care. We are a small, family-run boutique day care centre offering up to 28 places to children between the ages of six weeks and six years.

Babies (0-2 years)

As much as you’d like to keep your babies at home and snuggle with them, reality beckons, and you often need to return to work. You’ll be pleased to know that enrolling your precious little one at Carinya Early Learning has many benefits. Not only will your child be safe and cared for, but will start learning about the importance of routines.

Attending a learning centre from an early age helps children to learn etiquette, self-discipline, and responsibility more efficiently as it becomes something they have always known. They are more receptive to following instructions and can interpret requests with ease.

Toddlers (2-3 years)

Just like adults, each child is different, with different needs. We recognise this and always strive to encourage individuality. We will work with your child to enhance their self-confidence and foster a positive learning experience at all times.

Our teaching methods are focused on play and education as we feel this is most beneficial for the children since it feels like fun, and they’re learning without realising it.

At our early learning centre, we consider that each child is an individual with a unique personality, requirements and cultural background and keep this in mind when approaching all learning and play activities.

Preschoolers (3-5 years)

Our qualified educators are experienced in planning age-appropriate programs and activities that assist our children to develop physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Children who attend our early learning centre often have better communication skills, interact with others more effectively, are more mentally active and possess higher emotional intelligence than others.

They learn numeracy and literacy skills which form the foundations for what they will learn in school. Their language and communication skills are also developed not only from what they learn but from interacting with their friends during group activities and playtime.